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Once a year, tens of thousands of participants gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert at Burning Man, dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having left no trace whatsoever.

This was a discussion about a documentary on the event. JSB's insights begin around the 6 minute mark. "Artists are not included in our debate on how we build the economy for the future. They're excluded in our nation's emphasis on innovation which has been left to the STEM crowd. We're not thinking about designing for emergence. Innovation is about seeing the world differently. Who is better at helping us see the world differently than the artists?"



Why John Seely Brown Says We Should Look Beyond Creativity to Cultivate Imagination interview with Heather Chaplin

Wall Steet Journal: Why Imagination and Curiosity Matter More Than Ever
by Irving Wladawsky-Berger

DeLangeNew Models of Learning, New Modes of Engagement - Cultivating Resilient Learners, Designers and Researchers for the 21st Century The Future of the Research University in a Global Age: De Lange Conference, Rice University, Houston (Feb. 2012)

Cultivating the Imagination: Building Learning Environments for Innovation (PDF)

The Play of Imagination: Extending the Literary Mind (PDF) w/ JSB's highlights



The "Toilet-Tube" Interview: the problem with tunnel vision (with Richard Adler) (1997)

Sustaining the Ecology of Knowledge (1999)

Where Have All the Computers Gone? (2001)

Monitoring the Planet: Ecological Computing with David Rejeski (2001)



Avoiding the Competency Trap: Strategic Thinking and Design (ARL)

"The Global One Room Schoolhouse"

VIDEO "The Big Shift: From Scalable Efficiencey to Scalable Learning" and Hooding - commencement at Singapore Management University (25th July, 2013)

DOWNLOAD: Learning in and for the 21st Century (PDF)

"The half-life of a skill is now down to five years." Cyber-enabled Learning (panel chaired by JSB) - in which we discuss our debt to Prof. Dan Atkins and explore where we are going.

Technology: Vanity or Visionary (Financial Times) and our response

The Power of the business matchmaker with John Hagel (Fortune)

"Knowledge is fundamentally changing from being contained within a corporation to being contained within ecosystems of partners." The Evolution of Innovation: An Interview with JSB (Research-Technology Management) James Euchner interviews JSB

Re-imagining Healthcare from an ecosystemic perspective
with Ann Pendleton-Jullian

The Doctor Weighs In on A New Culture of Learning

MORE: A New Culture of Learning

ALSO: A Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning in the Digital Age (PDF)



Big Think

A Tech Geek on Why We Need the Humanities

"...imagination and play actually go hand-in-hand because let's face it: the game today is, how do you connect the dots?"
Why Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Change the World

How World of Warcraft Could Save Your Business and The Economy



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Insights from Deloitte's
Center for the Edge

A Movement in the Making
The maker movement is an important manifestation of the economic landscape to come. Companies would be well served to find ways to participate, learn, and perhaps shape the movement. The maker movement brings disruptions but also opportunities: to boost sensing capabilities, leverage platforms for R&D, accelerate learning, and reimagine the enterprise as a platform.

Shift Index 2013
In the last half of 2013, we released five reports to help executives translate our research into action.

More views from the Edge

Institutional Innovation: Creating Smarter Organizations to Scale Learning (2013)

Coherency in Contradiction
(one of my favorites!)

Archived webcast Small Moves, Smartly Made: A Catalyst for Big Changes Scaling Edges Lab: Information on our day long workshop to help clients apply the principles of "Small moves, smartly made" to the challenges they are facing

The Limits of the Virtual: Why face to face interaction will continual to be important

Friedman vs. Florida: How to thrive in a world that is both flat and spiky

The Future of Our Open Source World: Open source shouldn't just stop with software

Mind the (Skills) Gap: Understanding the role of ecosystems in talent development

Social Analytics: Applied across all functions, social analytics can focus attention on the most pressing internal performance issues

The Center for the Edge goes global!

The fundamental shifts we see in the business environment aren't limited to the US – the underlying trends and their impacts are global, albeit with differences in the rate of change, the degree of impact, and what disruption looks like. While the focus of the Shift Index is US companies, our Deloitte colleagues are taking these concepts and uncovering their relevance in other markets.

Centre for the Edge Australia

Center for the Edge Europe

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